Lycaonx Wolfsbane

Lycaonx Wolfsbane: His Destined Mate

Werewolf | On-going | Chapter 250


Lycaonx had long given up on finding his destined mate; he intended to live alone, leading his wolves and protecting them from every attempt to disband them. All challenges were won by his intelligence and physical prowess, but he knew they would always desire their territory. Pressured by other Packs within the council, it was determined that he must find his mate in the lunar hunt.

Lycaonx knew the only way to protect his wolves was to choose a she-wolf from his own Pack, not an outsider, to avoid potential betrayal. But to change all his plans, Linnea appears, a human who irritates him deeply for being challenging, grumpy, and even too reckless for his taste. What he doesn’t understand is the scent she exudes, urging his entire body, soul, and heart to claim her as his own.

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