Lycaonx Wolfsbane Chapter 1

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Lycaonx Wolfsbane His Destined Mate Chapter 1:

Linnea’s POV

I had known Elara since university; we both shared a dream of becoming veterinarians. I had no idea what she truly was until she risked revealing her secret to save me from a deadly attack. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be in this earthly world anymore. I owed her my life.

On that fateful night, we were attacked by two men. She managed to fight off and get rid of one, but I wasn’t as lucky. At the moment I was about to be stabbed, Elara transformed into a wolf and attacked my assailant, tearing a piece of his throat. I was in shock, not just because I had seen my friend as a wolf in front of me but also because the man who could have fatally harmed me just moments ago lay there lifeless, bleeding.

“We have to go,” Elara said, looking at Linnea with concern.

“But… but… you… you were an animal,” I stammered, completely incredulous. I would never forget the moment she appeared, covered in blood, vigorously shaking me to snap out of my shock.

“Yes, I was,” Elara replied, biting her lip and quickly putting on her scattered clothes. “I’ll explain later,” she added while glancing around to check if anyone was lurking in the shadows. “For now, we have to get out of here.” She dragged Linnea out of that place and headed to the dormitory, intending to take her under the cold shower to help her snap out of the shock and face what had happened.

“Ouch… damn…” I cried out almost hysterically. “It’s freezing.”

“I’m sorry,” Elara said, observing her friend’s posture. She was staring at her intensely but not saying a word. Taking a deep breath, Elara added, “It was the only way to get you to react.”

“Elara! You were a werewolf?” I gasped, hugging her tightly even though I was still a bit disbelieving, examining her slender and fragile body. “Is that what I saw… isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Elara sighed in frustration, running her fingers through her golden hair. “You can be horrified and even fearful…” She looked at Linnea, feeling uneasy as she gazed at her. “But I had to kill him.”

“Kill?” The image of that man dragging me into the alley quickly surfaced in my mind, along with the disgust and pain from the wound he had inflicted with the sharp blade on my neck. Tears welled up in my eyes, mixing with the running water on my body. Even though wet, I hugged Elara immediately, sobbing, realizing what could have happened if she hadn’t done what she did. “You saved me, Elara.”

Elara hugged me back, staying silent and giving me the space I needed.

“I’m a werewolf,” Elara finally said, cautious, looking at Linnea after giving her the time to recover from the shock that had struck her.

“So…” I looked at her with a mixture of concern, skepticism, and then curiosity. “It’s not just… fiction stories?”

“No,” Elara sighed, a bit concerned about her friend’s reaction to her being different. “We really exist.”

“How is it possible that I never noticed?” I said, astonished, closely examining Elara’s face. “I’ve been sharing a room with you for two years, spending my days with you.”

“It’s a well-kept secret,” Elara smiled slightly as she noticed Linnea’s curiosity about her ears. “I try my best not to expose myself.” She sighed and glanced at her phone. “If the pack finds out I told you, I’ll have to answer to my Alpha.”

“Alpha? Pack?” I put my hand to my mouth, amazed. “Elara, I know what I saw…” I bit my lip, looking at her. “But this all feels unreal. Are there really many of you?”

“Yes,” Elara became more at ease as she saw Linnea calmer and more receptive. “I come from a long line of werewolves. There are as many of us as there are humans.”

“Do you only transform during the full moon like in the movies?” I asked as I sat next to Elara, becoming increasingly curious.

“No! We can transform whenever we want. It’s really hard not to be able to transform every day and go run in the park. I feel trapped and restless, but I can’t.” Elara’s voice sounded sad. “If people see a lone wolf in the park, they’d shoot it, fearing potential attacks.”

“So that’s why you seemed so anxious?” I pondered, slowly realizing that it wasn’t easy for Elara to hide her animal nature either.

“Yes,” Elara sighed. She looked at her friend with a genuine smile. “Now you understand the importance of a veterinarian in my pack.”

“Of course,” I said, looking at her in amazement, realizing that Elara had to deal with many animals of her own kind.

“Is anything going to change between us?” Elara held Linnea’s hands, looking at her with apprehension.

“Of course not.” I immediately replied, giving her a tight hug. “Silly, I’m completely surprised, not scared.” Shaking my head, I declared the words with emotion. “I admire you even more, and I will never forget what you did for me.”

“That’s good.” Elara sighed with relief. “I value your friendship, Linnea.”

“I do too, Elara.” Looking at her, I showed a sincere smile. “I feel special that you trusted me with your secret.”

“You are special…” Elara smiled, getting up from the bed. “Just as long as you like animals.” She grabbed some pajamas and extended her hand to Linnea. “Now, get dressed before you catch a cold.” Looking at her hands covered in dried blood, she added, “I’ll take a shower and be right back.”

“Yes…” Biting my lip, I realized that it might have been a shock for Elara to have to kill someone, even in self-defense. Putting on the warm pajamas, I watched her move towards the bathroom. While she was taking a shower, I brewed a strong coffee and, as soon as she came out, I offered her a mug filled with the hot liquid. “Now that I know… can I see you?”

“You won’t be scared, will you?” Elara was a little surprised by Linnea’s request.

“Of course not.” I quickly replied, reassuring her. After all, she had saved me from a guy; she would never harm me. “I know it’s you.”

In an instant, Elara transformed into a wonderful gray wolf. Swallowing hard, I simply gasped out a single word. “Fascinating…” Approaching, my knees immediately touched the ground, bringing me almost to the same level as the animal’s body. It was huge, furry, and I simply took a deep breath, amazed. I stroked her head and then her back. “My God, Elara…” I declared with excitement, captivated by the beauty of the animal in front of me. “You’re something unique… special… never forget that.”

“Thank you!” Elara immediately changed back to her human form, grateful as she looked at her friend. “It’s good to know that you’re accepting all of this so well.”

“Could you understand me?” I widened my eyes.

“Of course!” Amused by Linnea’s expression of astonishment, Elara smiled broadly. “In wolf form, I can’t talk, but I can communicate through body language.”

“Can I understand you as well?” Eagerly, I asked.

“The more you deal with the wolf, the more you’ll learn to understand its body language.” Elara responded sincerely.

“Wonderful!” I fell into thought for a moment.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Elara asked, now a little suspicious.

“You know…” I said with a sincere smile. “I can do something for you too.”

“Okay, if I’m included…” Elara said with a scowl. “I probably won’t like it.”

“I think it’s a great idea.” I became excited, proudly smiling, “You’ll be calmer by the end of the course.”

“Calm?” Elara raised an eyebrow, looking at her with seriousness.

“Yes.” I placed the cup on the table and stared at her seriously. “I can take you to the park every night to let you run a bit.”

“What do you mean…” Elara asked, suspicious. “Take me for a walk in the park?”

“You know…” Biting my lip, I pointed to my neck. “On a leash!”

“On a LEASH? Like a dog?” Elara exclaimed. “No way.”

“Why not?” I questioned, a little confused.

“NO and NO!” Elara shook her head while shouting. “Linnea! I’m a wolf, not a dog to be tethered to a leash.”

“That’s exactly why. No one will be able to harm you, whether you’re a wolf or not.” I reinforced my argument.

“I love you, my friend.” Elara let out a deep sigh. “But you won’t convince me of something like that.”

“Alright.” I smiled, amused by her reaction. They really took the distinction to heart. “But the offer still stands.”

“The offer can sit or lie down for all I care…” Elara grumbled, turning her back as she headed for the kitchen. “My answer will always be the same… NO, and that’s final.”

“I have so many questions,” I said, excited.

“Then let me tell you one thing about us right away,” Elara stared at Linnea, growling softly. “No wolf likes to be compared to a dog.”

“Why?” I said, surprised.

“Because, even though we’re related, we’re completely different. A part of us is human,” Elara declared with a huff. “That sets us apart quite a bit, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, looking at it that way…” I bit my lip. “Maybe.”

“I’m glad you agree.” Elara smiled, satisfied.

“Still…” I said cautiously. “I think it would be a good way to let your wolf out… every once in a while.”

“NO!” Elara shouted, placing her hands on her hips. “And let’s forget about this right here and now, okay?”

“Okay,” I said softly.

But despite Elara’s refusals, a few months later, with the stress of exams, she accepted the visits to the park with a leash. It was challenging at first, strange for both her and me. But because of that, we grew closer, like blood sisters.

By the end of the course, I knew everything about werewolves, about packs, about their lives. I loved the way they treated each other, valued women, and protected them above all else. When they loved, they were faithful, true companions… beautiful… enchanting.

But they were also quite possessive. They could even kill others if they threatened their mate or their children.

After we graduated, our lives took different paths. She settled in the pack, and I opened a veterinary clinic in the city center. But our friendship prevailed; we were in constant contact, and now an opportunity had arisen to repay everything she had done for me before, by helping with something that could seal the fate of her own life and perhaps… mine.

Note: As a fan of supernatural romances, here’s one about wolves! I love little wolves and their way of loving. How about you? I hope you enjoy it.

Lycaonx Wolfsbane

Lycaonx Wolfsbane is a captivating author known for crafting mesmerizing werewolf romance tales. With a keen eye for intertwining passion and the supernatural, their writing transports readers into a world where love transcends boundaries and instincts run wild.

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