Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 10

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Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 10:

Austin invited Chloe and Carly into his room, leaving Zofia still sobbing in front of the TV.

He didn’t want to force his mother to answer every bit of his curiosity.

“What did you mean earlier?” Chloe stared intently at Austin’s face, still filled with curiosity.

“Do you realize how much that child resembles me? Like siblings. Like you and Carly.” Austin glanced between Chloe and Carly.

Both nodded in agreement. Chloe had been suspicious from the start. Austin and the child were too alike, almost indistinguishable.

“Have you not thought that the man named Xavier might be our father?” Austin expressed his opinion with conviction, based on the facts at hand. With the existence of a child so similar to him and the kidnapping their mother experienced.

“Do you mean we have a father and he’s still alive? Yay!” Carly exclaimed with joy.

“Are you saying, Xavier is our dad?” Chloe looked quite surprised, as Zofia had always said that her father had passed away.

“This is just a guess; only Mom knows for sure.” Austin lowered his gaze sadly.

“So, what should we do?” Chloe shrugged.

“Poor Aiden, he needs immediate care. But it seems Mom is very afraid of the man named Xavier,” Austin said.

“I’ll try to persuade Mom to treat Aiden.” Chloe offered.

If indeed Aiden was their twin brother, then they felt responsible for his safety too.

The three of them returned to the living room. Zofia still looked sad.

Chloe approached Zofia and sat beside her. She held Zofia’s hand in hers.

“Does Mom not want to help that boy?” Chloe asked softly.

She looked into Zofia’s eyes, which actually wanted to help Aiden. But she was afraid Xavier wouldn’t trust her because of his hatred towards her.

“I can’t possibly meet Aiden with my real identity. I am sure Xavier, the man won’t agree if I treats Aiden,” Zofia replied softly.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I have an idea.” Chloe quickly ran to her room with Carly.

She returned to the living room carrying a medium-sized beauty case that she always brought when traveling far.

She had a hobby of doing makeup. Being a Makeup Artist was her dream.

Zofia was often her practice subject. Chloe’s makeup skills were unquestionable. She had been involved in the world of makeup since she was young.

Chloe opened the beauty case she brought. There were many makeup tools inside.

“I will makeover mom so that man won’t recognize you at all.” Chloe smiled confidently.

“Are you sure you can do it, Chloe?” Zofia looked into Chloe’s big, clear eyes.

“Does mom doubt my abilities?” Chloe pouted, disappointed.

“This beautiful child of mine is indeed clever. Mom believes Chloe can do it.” Zofia pinched Chloe’s cute nose.


Meanwhile, at New Starlight Consortium, the chaos caused by Austin had yet to be resolved.

The IT personnel assigned to fix the problem were unable to do much. The system remained locked and inaccessible.

Meanwhile, Xavier continued to pressure them, even threatening to fire James if he couldn’t solve the problem within a day.

Reluctantly, James intended to meet Aiden. Although still young, Aiden had special abilities to hack websites and learn directly from the world’s top master hacker, Kevin Mitnick, He could break all types of system locks. And James was sure that Aiden could handle all these issues.

James hurriedly went to Xavier’s house without his boss’s knowledge.

Quietly, James sneaked into Aiden’s room and spoke with the child.

“Please help me, Young sir Aiden.” James began explaining all the issues that arose in his father’s company.

 Aiden listened intently until James finished speaking.

“What will you give me if I help you?” Aiden asked with a cold, expressionless face. Just like his father, who also had such traits.

James seemed to think for a moment. He wanted to offer money, but Aiden wasn’t lacking in material wealth. Xavier had certainly pampered the child with plenty of money.

“Anything the Young sir desires. LEGO, tablets? I’ll buy them all for you,” James offered Aiden his favorite items as compensation.

 Aiden, sitting on the bed, grinned upon hearing James’s offer. The man clearly didn’t know that he was currently under punishment. Xavier had confiscated two of his favorite belongings and even forbidden him from playing with them.

“Why, Young sir? Is there something wrong?” James was surprised to see Aiden only smiling tightly.

“Do you know I’m being punished by Dad not to use those items? If you buy them for me, it’s like you’re signing your death warrant,” Aiden explained, startling James.

“Really?” James asked.

 Aiden nodded.

James became frightened immediately. If he dared to provoke Xavier and intentionally made him angry, Xavier wouldn’t stay silent. He could easily end up dead at Xavier’s hands for any slight mistake.

“There is one thing you can do for me.”

“What is it, Sir?” James seemed excited again.

“You investigate about my mother’s whereabouts. If you manage to find her address, then I will help you restore the company’s system.”  Aiden’s condition made James massage his temples.

The father and son had put him in a tight spot. The pressure from both of them made it difficult for him to breathe calmly.

“What do you say? Do you agree?” Aiden asked, looking at James’s empty and confused gaze.

“Don’t you have any other requests, Young sir?” James tried to renegotiate.

“No, that’s the only condition I’m offering. If you can do that, then I’ll restore the system to its original state,” Aiden replied coldly. The child was indeed adept at intimidating others.

Confused, James finally decided to accept Aiden’s condition and try to find Zofia’s whereabouts.

“Okay, give me your laptop.”  Aiden requested the laptop James had brought.

Quickly, Aiden’s fingers danced on the keyboard.

James was amazed by the young child’s abilities. Even he, an adult, didn’t understand such things. But Aiden easily found the IP address that he and the company’s IT team had been trying to find for almost a day.

 Aiden provided James with the IP address he found. With that, the system problem could be resolved immediately.

“Thank you, Young Sir,” James said, relieved. One of his problems was solved.

“Don’t forget your promise. I’m giving you two weeks to find my mother’s whereabouts,” Aiden reminded.

James, who had just taken a relieved breath, began to breathe roughly again.

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