RomanceChased by an Arrogant zillionaire
Chased by an Arrogant zillionaire

Chased By an Arrogant Zillionaire

Romance | On-going | Chapter 250


Heartbroken after being cheated on by her lover, Zofia vents her anger by sleeping with a gigolo. However, to her surprise, the man turns out not to be the gigolo she hired but instead the CEO of New Starlight Consortium named Xavier. As a result of their one-night stand, Zofia becomes pregnant and gives birth to quadruplets with special abilities. Upon learning that the Zillionaire is searching for her all over the country, Zofia fakes her death and leaves one of her babies, who suffers from a rare disease, with Xavier.

Five years later, Zofia returns to America under a new identity as the genius doctor Valencia Emberlynn. But Zofia’s disguise only fuels hatred in Xavier’s heart, causing him to relentlessly pursue her for revenge. Can Zofia melt Xavier’s heart? And can she cure the rare disease afflicting Liam, her eldest son?

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