Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 5

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Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 5:

Aiden, Xavier’s son, suffered from a rare and difficult-to-treat disease. Based on information from Catherine’s father, Wyatt Empress, he knew of a doctor who could cure Aiden’s illness.

But the man was not willing to give away that information easily.

“Don’t worry, Xavier. I can bring that doctor to treat Aiden,” Wyatt Empress reassured Xavier to trust him.

“So, when will uncle bring that doctor for me?” Xavier looked at Wyatt impatiently because the man had only been making empty promises so far. He couldn’t wait for Wyatt to fulfill his promise.

“As I’ve said before, I will give you information about the whereabouts of that doctor if you agree to marry my daughter Catherine. I want you two to get married as soon as possible,” Wyatt said with a serious expression.

He knew Xavier loved Aiden deeply, and he thought the man would do anything for Aiden’s recovery.

Catherine listened quietly to Xavier and her father’s conversation, her heart pounding in her chest. She had planned this with her father and urged Xavier to marry her soon if he wanted Aiden to survive.

Catherine had liked Xavier for a long time, even before Zofia entered Xavier’s life. But all this time, Xavier had always firmly rejected her. That’s when the idea came up to pressure Xavier by putting Aiden’s life on the line.

Xavier felt manipulated by Wyatt all this time. If he didn’t need information about that doctor, he would never agree to such negotiations.

“Uncle, I have said from the beginning that I don’t love Catherine. Our relationship will never be more than just friendship,” Xavier said firmly, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Catherine, hearing this, felt incredibly frustrated. She wondered why it was so difficult to open the heart of a man like Xavier, who always seemed as cold as ice.

“Xavier, think about Aiden. Do you want your son to continue suffering? Don’t you want Aiden to recover and grow healthy like other children?” Wyatt tried to make Xavier reconsider his decision.

Wyatt wanted Xavier to marry Catherine for his business interests.

Wyatt’s company was going bankrupt, so he needed Xavier to help him restore the company’s finances.

Using Aiden’s rare illness from birth, Wyatt used him as leverage to pressure Xavier into marrying Catherine.

“That’s enough, Uncle. Stop talking nonsense. I don’t love Catherine, and I will never marry her,” Xavier said, growing more irritated and fed up with the conversation. He glanced briefly at Catherine, who seemed surprised by Xavier’s anger towards her father. Although she looked like she was holding back her anger and hurt feelings, she tried to remain calm, restraining her emotions in front of Xavier.

“Fine, it’s up to you. If you remain selfish, then be prepared to lose Aiden forever,” Wyatt sighed, his smile turning cynical as he faced Xavier’s stubbornness.

Xavier stood up from his seat and slammed the dining table hard.

“Uncle, do you think I can’t find the whereabouts of that doctor on my own? I will find that doctor without your help,” Xavier said, visibly upset. He could no longer engage in small talk with Wyatt.

Xavier never liked that family from the start. But Empress’s family always stuck to the Donovan family like a postage stamp. They insisted on arranging Catherine’s marriage with Xavier. And Xavier knew exactly what that arrangement meant.

If not for his grandfather’s good relationship with Empress’s family, Xavier would have withdrawn and cut ties with that family long ago.

Xavier left the Empress family dinner in anger. He drove away from Catherine’s Villa at high speed.

“Dad, why did you let Xavier leave? I don’t care, but you have to force Xavier to marry me!” Catherine looked angry at her father after Xavier left their house. The anger she had suppressed in front of Xavier now poured out on her father.

“That boy is so stubborn,” Wyatt clenched his fists tightly. He didn’t understand how to win over Xavier anymore. It was so difficult to soften Xavier’s heart even when he used Aiden’s illness as a reason.

Catherine was equally frustrated. She had tried everything to win Xavier’s heart, by trying to make him care for her. But all her efforts were in vain, yielding no results at all.

“Don’t worry, darling. Xavier won’t easily find information about that doctor without my help. Without me, Xavier won’t find any information about Doctor Emberlynn, who keeps a very low profile,” Wyatt said with a smirk.


“Sister, please wrap up the leftover cakes on the table, and also add these cakes and 4 pieces of those.” Zofia pointed to Carly’s favorite chocolate muffin and various breads to take home.

A store attendant promptly packed up the leftover bread that hadn’t been eaten by her three children, which was still quite a lot, so it would be a waste to leave it behind.

Zofia took out some money from her wallet to pay for the bill for the cakes.

The children were in the restroom, escorted by Juliana. Zofia decided to wait outside the cake shop before heading to her car in the parking lot.


A startling voice interrupted Zofia, who stood frozen. Her eyes widened as she recognized the owner of the voice that had called her earlier.

“You’re still alive?” The man, who turned out to be Xavier, stared momentarily at Zofia, whom he thought was dead.

“Who are you?” Zofia raised her eyebrows, pretending not to recognize Xavier.

“Don’t you know me?” Xavier was surprised.

From a distance, Zofia saw her three twin children returning from the restroom with Juliana.

It would be disastrous if Xavier found out about the existence of her three children.

Zofia took the initiative to move away from where she was standing so Xavier wouldn’t see Austin, Chloe, Carly, and Juliana. She was worried about their safety if Xavier saw them.

Zofia ran away from Xavier. But he didn’t stay still. He tried to chase Zofia who was running to the side of the building.

“Stop! Where are you going?” Xavier yelled as he ran behind Zofia.

“I don’t know you, why do you keep following me?” Zofia started to panic. Xavier kept running after her.


A hard blow to the back of Zofia’s neck instantly rendered her unconscious. Xavier immediately carried her and put her in the front passenger seat of the car.

Xavier sat Zofia in the front seat beside him. Then, at high speed, Xavier drove his car to a certain place. Occasionally, he glanced at Zofia.

“How dare you deceive me all this time!” he growled.

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