Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 7

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Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 7:

Xavier entered Aiden’s room as soon as he arrived home that evening. His young son was seen vomiting fresh blood from his mouth. Several caregivers were holding onto Aiden’s shoulders.

The five-year-old boy had already turned pale, with lips as white as cotton. One of the caregivers who usually attended to Aiden’s needs appeared to be sobbing as she looked at Aiden’s current condition. She wiped the remaining blood from Aiden’s lips as he lay weakly in bed.

Xavier hurried to Aiden’s side, who looked at him weakly. He couldn’t bear to see Aiden’s condition deteriorating day by day.

“Why didn’t you give Aiden his medicine?” Xavier looked at each caregiver in the room. They all looked down, none daring to oppose Xavier, who seemed upset. Usually, when Aiden was like this, it was because he hadn’t taken his medicine as he should have every day.

“Answer me! Didn’t you give Aiden his medicine?” Xavier’s voice grew louder, making the caregivers tremble with fear.

With a stern look, Xavier stared at each caregiver in turn. If Aiden missed taking his medicine even once, it would have fatal consequences for the child’s health. And Xavier didn’t want anything bad to happen to Aiden.

“It was me who refused to take the medicine, Dad. Don’t scold them,” Aiden spoke up. He had refused to take his medicine today.

“Why, baby? Why didn’t you take your medicine?” Xavier gently stroked Aiden’s head, his eyes showing deep concern.

“I’m tired of taking medicine all the time, Dad. I don’t want to take that medicine anymore,” Aiden sulked and pushed away the medicine Xavier was trying to give him.

Xavier sighed.  Aiden’s stubbornness came from him. It was difficult to make Aiden obey. He was always solitary and didn’t talk much. But he was also a child who wouldn’t easily give up if he wanted something.

“Take this medicine so you can get better quickly.” Xavier tried to remain calm in the face of Aiden’s attitude.

 Aiden turned his face away.

“I’ll take the medicine if you allow me to meet Mom,” Aiden insisted, making Xavier flinch.

It was as if the child knew he had just discovered his mother.

Xavier, who thought Zofia had abandoned Aiden, canceled his intention to tell Aiden about Zofia’s whereabouts. In his opinion, Zofia was not worthy of being Aiden’s mother. She had deliberately abandoned Aiden when he was sick as a baby. And pretended to be dead.

“I’ve already told you that your mother is dead. How many times do I have to repeat it for you to believe?” Xavier slightly raised his voice to make Aiden stop asking about his mother.

“Lies! You are lying for sure.  I still have a mother, but Dad doesn’t want me to meet her, right?”  Aiden retorted. Just like Xavier, Aiden was not easy to deceive. His instincts were too strong, so the child always knew when someone was lying to him.

“Please stop your foolish requests, Aiden. And take your medicine immediately.” Not wanting to prolong the issue with Aiden, Xavier finally decided to leave Aiden’s room at that moment.

“I won’t take the medicine until I meet Mom!” Aiden insisted as Xavier stepped out of his room.

Xavier stopped. He turned back to face Aiden. The child was staring at him sharply.

“Very well then. Prepare yourself to face punishment from Dad.” Xavier took a deep breath and left Aiden’s room. He decided to confine Aiden to his room as punishment for Aiden’s stubbornness.

“Confiscate his tablet and Lego. Don’t let Aiden touch his two favorite things, and force him to take his medicine,” Xavier instructed the head of his household assistant.

The middle-aged man nodded respectfully and immediately followed his boss’s orders.

“Dad, let me meet my mother!”  Aiden’s cries could still be heard as Xavier left his room.


“Auntie, please take Chloe and Carly home, I will look for Mom first.” Austin bravely decided to search for Zofia who suddenly disappeared when they were at the toilet earlier.

“But Austin…” Juliana seemed to not fully trust Austin’s special abilities. She still saw Austin as a five-year-old who didn’t know anything.

“Auntie, don’t worry, leave everything to Austin, I believes that Austin can find Mom again.” Chloe nodded and reassured Juliana, who looked so worried.

Juliana pondered for a moment, “How are you going to find your mother?” She raised both her eyebrows.

“I will track her with the GPS app installed on Mom’s phone.” Austin explained his plan.

“Alright, Austin, inform the police immediately if something happens.” Finally, Juliana gave in. She took Chloe and Carly home and left Austin alone to search for Zofia.

“Are you sure your brother will be okay?” Juliana still felt unsure about leaving Austin alone.

“Sis Chloe is sure, Auntie. Austin is a smart kid, Auntie needs to see Austin’s true abilities.” Carly looked proud as she talked about her brother.

Juliana nodded. Considering the intelligence Zofia possessed, it wasn’t impossible for Austin to be even smarter than his mother.

Meanwhile, Austin immediately sprang into action as Juliana and his two younger siblings got into the car and went home.

He quickly activated the GPS on his watch to track Zofia’s whereabouts.

After finding the location, the boy immediately hailed a passing taxi.

“Take me to Club X,” Austin requested the taxi driver. For a moment, the taxi driver raised his eyebrows.

“I will meet my mother there; we have promised to meet outside the club.” Austin seemed to realize that the taxi driver didn’t believe a small child like him would go to a club.

“Oh, alright then.” The taxi driver immediately drove towards the XZ Club as Austin had mentioned.

Half an hour later, the taxi arrived in front of Club XZ, one of the luxurious clubs in the capital city.

Austin got out of the taxi after paying the fare. He double-checked the GPS point displayed on his watch screen.

“Yes, this is where Mom’s location is,” Austin muttered as he looked at the club building in front of him.

Sneaking inside, Austin managed to enter the still deserted club. This made it easier for him to go further in. He continued to monitor his mother’s location point.

When he reached a row of tightly closed rooms, Austin looked a bit puzzled, trying to determine exactly where Zofia was.

“Young Sir! Why is Young Sir here?” A man spoke to him while bowing respectfully.

Austin narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know the man, but why did he address him as Mr. Aiden and show so much respect?

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