Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 4

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Chased by an Arrogant Zillionaire Chapter 4:

Five years later.

“Carly, wait!” A little girl ran ahead of her family.

“Come on, Chloe, chase me!” The girl called Carly ran, hoping Chloe would chase her while laughing.

“Carly, stop, you might fall!” Chloe chased after Carly, worried her little sister might trip.

“Silly child,” a little boy walking with his mother muttered.

“And what about you? Still a little boy?” his mother replied.

“Don’t call me a little boy, Mom. I’m grown-up.” The five-year-old boy glanced at his mother walking beside him.

“But you are my child, and you’ll always be my little boy.” The beautiful woman ignored her son’s protest, always enjoying teasing him and holding back laughter at his attempts to act grown-up.

“Why are we even here, Mom? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to come back here?” The boy looked up at his mother.

“Someone here needs my help,” his mother replied, not stopping her stride.

“Aren’t there any good doctors here? Why does it have to be you?” the boy asked.

“Austin, they need Mom’s help, so Mom intends to help them. Whoever needs our help, we should try to help them,” the woman tried to instill her son with her good values.

“Okay, Mom. You’re a kind and brilliant doctor, Mom.” Austin looked proudly at his mother, smiling sweetly, knowing she was a kind-hearted woman.

“Hey, watch where you’re going! Why are you running around the airport like this?” A woman’s angry voice startled the mother and the child.

Ahead, Chloe and Carly were facing a woman. It seemed Carly accidentally bumped into her.

“Why did you do that, Carly, and who is that woman?” Austin pointed to where his two younger siblings were standing.

“Where are your parents? Naughty kids, you spilled this drink on my clothes.” The woman looked annoyed, seeing her partially wet clothes.

“Carly didn’t mean to, Auntie. Besides, you weren’t looking ahead, you were just busy looking at your phone,” Chloe defended her sister, who was on the verge of tears.

“How dare you defy me? You brats.” The woman tried to grab Chloe’s ear. But Chloe managed to dodge her hand.

Intending to defend her child, the woman walked towards Chloe and Carly. But she aborted her intention when she saw two men approaching the woman scolding Chloe and Carly.

“What’s going on here?” one of the men asked.

“Xavier, this child bumped into me and spilled this drink on my clothes.” The woman pouted to the man, who turned out to be Xavier, and his assistant, James.

“Lies, Uncle! This woman bumped into Carly, my sister. She was walking while playing with her phone and bumped into Carly, so don’t blame us.” Chloe tried to defend her sister Carly loudly. There was no trace of fear on her face.

“Are you twins? Your faces remind me of someone.” Xavier furrowed his brows, looking at Chloe and Carly alternately.

Meanwhile, the woman with Austin quickly covered her face and Austin’s face with a mask. She also wore sunglasses. She couldn’t let the man recognize her.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” Austin, who didn’t understand, looked at his mother confused.

“Why are you so nervous, Mom?” Austin complied when his mother put a mask on his face.

The woman was Zofia, with her three twin children. She returned to America after five years of living in the Netherlands, working as a doctor.

Her brilliant career shone even brighter after she successfully treated a rare disease suffered by one of the Dutch royal princesses. Her name became more famous, and many people sought her out to heal their loved ones. Including this time, she came to America to treat one of the country’s conglomerate’s children who was seriously ill.

“Mom, I’ll go there, it seems Chloe and Carly are in trouble.” Austin intended to go and defend his two sisters.

“Don’t, stay here with Mom, Chloe can handle it.” Zofia prevented Austin from leaving. Honestly, she was afraid her disguise would be exposed in front of Xavier. It would be dangerous if he found out about her lies all this time.

Chloe and Carly looked around for their mother, starting to feel scared. Xavier couldn’t bear to see them like that. He helped the two little girls search for their mother.

Shortly after, they found Zofia not far from there. Xavier walked towards Zofia and Austin from behind Chloe and Carly.

“Mom!” Chloe and Carly ran to their mother.

Zofia looked nervous seeing Xavier. Hopefully, the man didn’t recognize her and Austin, who had a face similar to Aiden’s.

“So, you’re the mother of these two sweet kids?” Xavier asked after standing in front of Zofia. Xavier’s handsome face hadn’t changed, even though it had been more than five years since they last met.

He still looked dashing with his charming face, pointed nose, and sharp gaze still capable of making Zofia tremble.

Zofia just nodded, her heart pounding incessantly. Even her body felt shaky with fear.

Austin stared sharply at Xavier. His face covered by a mask couldn’t be seen by Xavier. Austin himself felt that Zofia was very afraid of Xavier.

“Mom, take me to the restroom, I need to pee.” Austin took the initiative to invite Zofia to leave.

He grabbed Zofia’s hand and urged her to leave immediately. Chloe and Carly also left with Mom and their brother.

Zofia was thankful that Austin knew she was very afraid of Xavier. Her son could indeed be relied upon.

“No manners, leaving in the middle of a conversation,” the beautiful woman next to Xavier grumbled.

“Enough, why argue with little kids like them?” Xavier walked away from the scene.

“They’re the ones at fault, it’s clear they bumped into me. Those kids are very good at lying, don’t be fooled by their words.” The woman tried to catch up with Xavier, who was walking quickly.

“Catherine, stop being childish. You’re an adult, you should be more patient with them. They’re still kids, aren’t you ashamed to argue with children?” Xavier looked annoyed.

“But Xavier—” Catherine still couldn’t accept it because Xavier blamed her.

“Enough! I don’t want to hear any more excuses.” Xavier cut off Catherine’s words.

He hurried out of the airport area and headed to the car waiting to pick him up.

Xavier still couldn’t get the faces of the two girls out of his mind. Why did they look so much like Zofia?

“Darling, why have you been silent all this time?” Catherine leaned her head on Xavier’s shoulder.

The car took them to Xavier’s family home after he arrived from Australia.

“Shut up, I don’t want to be disturbed right now. You’d better be quiet if you don’t want me to drop you off in the middle of the road.” Xavier threatened Catherine.

She finally fell silent and could only grumble in her heart facing Xavier’s cold attitude towards her.

Meanwhile, in another car…

“I’m glad you’re back in America.” Juliana hugged Zofia tightly. While Zofia’s children, who had only been able to talk to Juliana through video calls until now, instantly became familiar with the woman who had been alone until now.

“You’re so cute, Sweetie,” Juliana pinched Carly’s chubby cheeks due to her snacking hobby.

“Is Xavier still looking for me?” Zofia changed the subject.

Juliana furrowed her brows. She switched to looking at Zofia’s face, which seemed slightly worried.

“I don’t think so, he believes you died in a car accident. As you instructed, I provided evidence of the accident that supposedly happened to you and gave it to Aiden.”

Zofia breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid Xavier was still looking for her.

“Don’t worry, with your current identity, Xavier won’t be able to find you.” Juliana smiled, trying to calm Zofia’s heart.

Catherine Empress family villa.

“Uncle, can I get information about that genius doctor?” Xavier opened the conversation during his dinner with the Catherine family.

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Author Bielenda is a renowned romance author celebrated for her captivating storytelling and deep exploration of human emotions. With a knack for crafting heartfelt narratives and intricate plots, she has won the hearts of readers worldwide.

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