Lucian Hawkthorn The Billionaire Playboy Prologue

Helena walked down the corridor of the Daxton’s building with great anticipation. She was on her way to visit her five-year boyfriend, Lucian Hawkthorn: known as the Billionaire Playboy, in his office. She wanted to invite him out to celebrate because he had just been promoted to Vice President of the Daxton Group of Companies, owned by Helena’s friend Ronan Daxton, who was now the company’s President. The Hawkthorn family was the second major shareholder in the Daxton Group of Companies. Lucian Hawkthorn The Billionaire Playboy.

“Hi, Marta!” Helena greeted Lucian’s secretary with a radiant smile. Marta, who had been engrossed in her work, looked up, her forehead creased in surprise.

“M-Ma’am Helena, what are you doing here?” Marta asked, her brow furrowed in sudden confusion.

But instead of answering her, Helena proceeded to open the door and enter. She didn’t find Lucian inside. She approached his desk and saw his coat hanging on the coat hook rack, along with a coffee cup from Indigo Couple Café on his desk.

“Where is he?” she thought, wondering if he had stepped out or was in Ronan’s office.

She had turned to leave the office when she suddenly heard the bathroom door open. She stopped in her tracks and turned to look. But what she saw made her feel like she was about to faint from the sudden tightness in her chest.

“B-Babe!” Lucian said, his voice barely a whisper and tense. Helena tilted her chin, clenched her fists, and her chest heaved up and down.

Just by looking at her playboy of a boyfriend’s appearance, she knew exactly what he had been busy with in the bathroom at this moment. He was shirtless, sweat was glistening on his chest, and he was with none other than Juliana Ramirez, the famous sexy actress and the close friend of Lucian’s parents. The same woman she had seen in Lucian’s office before, sitting on his desk with her legs wrapped around his waist, just making out with her boyfriend.

“B-babe, let me explain. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s not what it seems, okay.”

“Wrong! What you’re doing is indeed wrong.”

Lucian Hawkthorn: The Billionaire Playboy

The beast would never change! Just when they had been together for five years, he had to mess things up now. Maybe he was getting tired of her and looking for someone new. She turned to leave, but she stopped when she noticed the smirk on Juliana’s face. Her heart raced, and she took a deep breath before facing the two of them. She walked slowly toward them, and her sharp gaze shifted from Juliana to Lucian, who looked like a guilty dog.

“One question. One answer. Do you still love me, or is she the one you love now? I’ll give my whole heart to her!” She asked sternly.


“Answer!” She squealed loudly.
“It’s you, it’s you, of course, it’s you, there’s nothing going on between me and Juliana, let me explain,” Lucian replied in a panicked manner. She then looked at Juliana.

“Did you hear him?!” She asked with confidence and a hint of pity.

She could see the annoyance on Juliana’s face, which was quite natural, considering that someone like her, a fantasy for many, was being denied by a man.

Juliana stared at her defiantly before she brushed past her, bumping her shoulder in the process. “By the way, Lucian, you never fail me. I have a great time with you. Next time again, bye!”

Her blood boiled even more when she Juliana said that and left.


She held up her hands. “Save it, Lucian, you haven’t changed at all,” she said, but not to leave. She sat on the black leather sofa in the office, and Lucian followed suit while putting on an ash-gray T-shirt.

He even changed his clothes! Did he wipe off their stains from his shirt? She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Lucian sat beside her. “Helena, Babe, nothing happened—” she raised one hand to stop him.

She didn’t want to hear his explanation anymore. She wasn’t foolish enough to believe that nothing had happened between them. Again, she would be foolish and martyr herself. She could still do it. Even though her chest felt like it was about to explode. She took a deep breath and faced him.

“Tell me, Lucian. What are we really? Is this what we’ve become?”

Lucian took her hand and held it in his own palms. “Babe, I love you, I love you so much.”

“Are you ready to marry me?” she asked him. He gently squeezed her hand.

“Helena, we’re still young. We’ll get there, but not now.”

Bullshit! He was getting old on the calendar, he was already thirty. What young was he talking about? And her, she was twenty-five, and she really wanted to have her own family.

“When?” she asked, and Lucian let out an audible sigh.

Why was she even asking when she knew she wouldn’t get a clear answer from him? The thought hurt even more. She felt her lips quivering as tears threatened to spill, but she tried her best to hold them back. She didn’t want to cry in front of Lucian. She had never cried over a man. Lucian was the only one she had cried for, even when she first caught him kissing someone else. She had vented her frustration in front of her friends, but never in front of Lucian.

“What if I tell you I’m pregnant. What would you do?”

Lucian Hawkthorn: The Billionaire Playboy
The Billionaire Playboy

Lucian replied with a sarcastic laugh. “But that’s impossible. We’re careful, right? You’re taking birth control pills.”

“What if?” She stared at him intently, gritting her teeth. She was hoping to hear a good answer from him. He remained silent, so she repeated her question.

“Helena, you know that I’m not ready for that. That’s why we’re being careful, right?” Her shoulders slumped in disappointment. Actually, her whole world seemed to collapse. She pulled her hand away from his grasp.

“O-okay,” she mumbled and slowly got to her feet.

“Helena, babe,” Lucian held her hand.

“Let’s talk some other time.” She didn’t even give him a glance and quickly headed for the door and left.

She hurried to the elevator. She entered the lift, pressed the ground floor button, and leaned against the stainless steel wall. She cradled her stomach.

“I’m sorry, baby, looks like you’ll grow up without a father,” tears she had been holding back finally streamed down her face.

She was eager to see and telling Lucian about her condition earlier, but based on what she witnessed and his responses, he had no right to be the father of her child. She was willing to overlook what she had seen for the sake of their child, even if it hurt, but his responses suggested that he had no intention of becoming a parent. She didn’t want him to marry her just because she was pregnant, or worse, deny their child right in front of her.

Helena spent the whole day locked in her room. Her body felt weak because she was starting to experience morning sickness. Her stomach was six weeks along, and on top of that was the pain in her chest because of what was happening between her and Matthew. She cried every now and then, no matter how hard she tried not to. She wanted to stay strong because she knew it would affect what she was carrying if she continued to stress.

Lucian’s actions hurt her deeply. When he left his office, he immediately went to her the next day to reconcile, as if he wanted to be forgiven and tell the truth, but she didn’t get to do it because he left immediately. He said goodbye and went to California for a business conference, saying he would only be there for two weeks. He was very sweet that day. He was always sweet, and that was one of the things she loved about him.

She decided to wait for his return and just tell him the truth, but the other day he called her, but she didn’t answer so he just left a voice message saying she should call him because he had something important to tell her. She immediately called him back but was surprised when a woman answered – it was Juliana.

“Yes, who’s this?” she heard on the other end.

“W-who is this? Where’s Lucian?” she stammered.

“This is Juliana, Lucian’s fiancée. He’s currently taking a bath. You can leave a message, and I’ll let him know.”

“Juliana,” she heard Lucian’s voice over the phone.

She quickly turned off her phone and felt an immense pain that she believed no other woman would want to experience. It meant that Lucian was with Juliana in California. It hurt so much; she felt like she couldn’t handle what was happening. She heard the door swing open, and Priyeta’s voice filled the room.

“Jesus, Helena! What the hell are you doing? I’ve been trying to call you for days, but I couldn’t reach you!” Priyeta’s voice was filled with concern as she walked over to the window in Helena’s room, drawing back the thick curtains that shielded her from the glaring sun.

“Helena, what’s happening to you?” Priyeta approached her and tried to help her up. She reluctantly pushed herself up, even though she didn’t want to get out of bed, and sat down, leaning against the headboard. Priyeta sat beside her on the bed.

“What’s going on with you? You were supposed to try on dresses, but I couldn’t reach you.”

“I’m sorry, Priyeta, but I won’t be able to attend your wedding,” she replied without enthusiasm.

“But why?”

“I’m leaving…” Once again, she couldn’t stop the tears from escaping her eyes. Priyeta, deeply concerned, reached for her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant,” she said between sobs, which caught Priyeta off guard.

“Why are you crying? Aren’t you supposed to be happy? Does Lucian know about this?” she asked quickly.

She narrated Lucian’s misdeeds, as well as what he had said about not wanting to have children yet.

“Oh my God!” Priyeta hugged her, and she cried and cried. She had decided to keep her distance, rather than continue to suffer and play the martyr. She didn’t want to cling to a relationship with no certainty.

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